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oz the complete collection volume 4 rinkitink in oz - oz the complete collection volume 4 chapter 1 the prince of pingaree f you have a map of the land of oz handy you will find that the great nonestic ocean washes the shores of the kingdom of rinkitink between which and the land of oz lies a strip of the country of the nome king and a sandy desert, 15 books in 1 l frank baum s original oz series the - 15 books in 1 l frank baum s original oz series the wonderful wizard of oz the marvelous land of oz ozma of oz dorothy and the wizard in oz the road to oz the emerald city of oz the patchwork girl of oz little wizard stories of oz tik tok of oz the scarecrow of oz rinkitink in oz the lost princess of oz the tin woodman of oz the magic of oz and glinda of oz, lion of oz wikipedia - lion of oz is a 2000 animated film set before the children s novel the wonderful wizard of oz it tells the story of how the cowardly lion formerly part of the omaha circus came to be in oz and how he stopped the wicked witch of the east from getting the flower of oz it is based upon the book lion of oz and the badge of courage by roger s baum great grandson of l frank baum the original, return to oz 1964 film wikipedia - return to oz is a 1964 animated television special produced by crawley films for rankin bass productions videocraft it first aired february 9 1964 in the united states on nbc s the general electric fantasy hour it was directed by f r crawley thomas glynn and larry roemer from a teleplay by romeo muller who later wrote dorothy in the land of oz