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macom gallium arsenide gaas - macom s gallium arsenide gaas control components mixed signal processing and converters driver amplifiers catv amplifiers lnas and power amplifiers as single purpose and multi function mmics enable broadband performance over 250 ghz high resistance less noise dissipation and resistance to radiation damage, high speed silicon photodiodes standard products osi - high speed silicon photodiodes these detectors are small active area detectors optimized at 800nm band and features fast rise time for high bandwidth applications up to 1 25 ghz, high speed ingaas photodiode cavity ceramic package - fci ingaas xxx ccer with active area sizes of 70 m 120 m 300 m 400 m 500 m are part of osi optoelectronics high speed ir sensitive photodiodes mounted on gull wing ceramic substrates with glass windows these devices have a glass window attached to the ceramic where fibers can be epoxy or eutectic mounted onto the ceramic substrate, investing in gallium how to invest in gallium element - gallium is widely used in the semiconductor industry as a substrate it does not exist in free form but is extracted from aluminium hydroxide gallium is one of the six elements that are liquid near room temperature, gallium arsenide gaas fabrication techniques and methods - this article is used to describe the basic fabrication methods of gallium arsenide gaas mainly using lec growth process various methods are used for the fabrication of gallium arsenide gaas out of all the methods the main growth technique that is used is the liquid encapsulated czochralski, 40 ghz soi switch beats gaas solutions 2015 06 15 - the ultracmos pe42524 is a high performance high reliability rf silicon on insulator soi alternative to gallium arsenide gaas switches covering the k and ka bands up to 40 ghz until now rf engineers developing high frequency test and measurement microwave backhaul radar and military communications devices had no viable alternative to gaas switches, gallium arsenide gaas energy band structure - for gaas the effective mass of these electrons is 0 067 times the mass of free electron that is 0 067m e where m e is the free electron rest mass thus the shapes in the conduction band bring about a superior electron mobility, gan gaas device bias sequencer macom - the mabc 001000 dp000l is a bias control module that provides proper gate voltage and pulsed drain voltage biasing for gan on sic gan on si or gaas rf power transistors or modules utilizing depletion mode semiconductor technology, alta devices is breaking efficiency records for mobile - in 2012 and 2013 alta devices was named to mit s list of most disruptive companies for its groundbreaking work bringing high efficiency thin film gaas solar technology to the mass market, high electron mobility transistor wikipedia - a high electron mobility transistor hemt also known as heterostructure fet hfet or modulation doped fet modfet is a field effect transistor incorporating a junction between two materials with different band gaps i e a heterojunction as the channel instead of a doped region as is generally the case for mosfet a commonly used material combination is gaas with algaas though there is, readings compound semiconductor devices electrical - x exclude words from your search put in front of a word you want to leave out for example jaguar speed car search for an exact match put a word or phrase inside quotes, gaas ingaas pin photodetectors gcs known good die - gcs offer its own brand of high performance and high speed known good die kgd pin photodetectors and photodetector arrays manufactured from both gaas and inp, indium gallium arsenide wikipedia - indium gallium arsenide ingaas alternatively gallium indium arsenide gainas is a ternary alloy chemical compound of indium arsenide inas and gallium arsenide gaas indium and gallium are elements of the periodic table while arsenic is a element alloys made of these chemical groups are referred to as iii v compounds ingaas has properties intermediate between those of gaas and inas, semiconductor storage products toshiba electronic - welcome to toshiba electronic devices storage corporation s website this website provides information about our semiconductor and storage products toshiba electronic devices storage corporation supplies a broad range of market leading product lines to the world by fully utilizing its leading edge development and technological capabilities together with its sophisticated manufacturing, protection devices diodes incorporated - diodes incorporated s protection devices provide leading edge performance and rugged quality to aid the customer in a successful first time right system design, semiconductor industry news archive - semiconductor today the first choice for professionals who demand timely focused top quality coverage of the compound semiconductor industry, passive devices richardson rfpd - passive devices virtually every electronic circuit and or system requires many passive devices in every section of a given circuit this is true for a wide variety of applications from solar and wind power inverters to radar systems cellular wimax base stations and industrial power supplies